Mission and goals

Mission Statement
The mission of the Department of Radiologic Sciences is to enable a diverse student body to develop its fullest potential; to graduate baccalaureate level radiologic health professionals who demonstrate outstanding technical, communication, and critical thinking skills.

Department Goals

For entry level and second modality programs, students/graduates will be clinically competent

Student Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate proficiency in performing medical imaging procedures. (Radiography and Sonography only)
Demonstrate proficiency in delivering radiation therapy treatments. (Radiation Therapy only)
Demonstrate simulation skills. (Radiation Therapy only)
Demonstrate proficiency in performing nuclear medicine procedures. (Nuclear Medicine only)
Demonstrate appropriate handling and administration of radiopharmaceuticals. (Nuclear Medicine only)
Demonstrate proper patient care skills.
Practice appropriate methods of radiation safety.

Students/Graduates will communicate effectively

Student Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate effective verbal communication. 
Demonstrate effective written communication.

Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills

Student Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate the ability to problem solve.
Critically analyze published research in the Radiologic sciences.

Students/graduates will model professionalism

Student Learning Outcomes
Perform in an ethical manner.
Demonstrate professional behavior.
Broaden knowledge and awareness of service opportunities in the imaging sciences.

Department will assure program effectiveness

Program Effectiveness Data
For entry level and second modality programs, students will graduate within the curricula time allocation.
BS Degree completion track students will graduate within 7 years of enrollment.
For entry level and second modality programs, graduates will successfully pass the primary  certification exam.
For entry level and second modality programs, graduates will obtain employment in the Radiologic sciences.
Students/graduates will express satisfaction with their educational experience.
Employers will be satisfied with the performance of our graduates.