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Pass/Fail grade option

Undergraduate students may request that a course they are enrolled in be taken under the Pass/Fail grade option. Undergraduate students can apply no more than 12 credit hours of PP/PS (see below) grades taken under the Pass/Fail grade option over the entirety of their degree program. These restrictions do not apply to courses that are only offered as Pass/Fail.

To utilize this option, students should submit the Undergraduate Change in Grade Mode Authorization Form.

Students may not use the Pass/Fail grade option:

Under the Pass/Fail grade option, students would have grades reported as either:

Students should consult with an advisor to understand the implications of their decision. Instructors of record will not be aware of the student's choice. Each faculty member will evaluate student performance in the course consistent with expectations outlined in the course syllabus. If a student has opted for the Pass/Fail grade option, the assigned grade will be converted to the appropriate Pass/Fail designation pursuant to the letter grade earned. For example, the instructor would enter a letter grade (A, B, C, D, F) as usual. If the student has chosen the Pass/Fail grade option, then grades A, B or C become a PP; a grade of D becomes a PS; and a grade of F becomes an F. 

Students may select the pass/fail grade option for eligible courses no later than the last day to withdraw from a course. All decisions by students are final and irrevocable.

The original grade awarded for courses by instructors will continue to appear on students' records until the Office of Records and Registration completes the end-of-semester grading process to update records to the appropriate Pass/Fail grades.

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For more information, please visit, The VCU Bulletin or The Office of the Provost Pass Fail FAQ page.

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