Variable credit

Some course sections administered by programs on the MCV Campus are set up as variable credit sections. Students in these programs should use these instructions to change the credits on eligible course sections.

  1. Register for the class as usual. Note that the credit hours (Cred) for the class will be highlighted:
    Registration info - Add or Drop classes on VCU eServices. [View Image]
  2. Click on the highlighted credit hours (Cred) for the class. That will take you to the Change Class Options screen:
    Registration info - Change credit hours on Change Class Options in VCU eServices. [View Image]
  3. Follow the directions on this screen. You may change the credit hours for the variable credit course using the Credit Hours field. The appropriate range for that course will be displayed. After changing the credit hours, click “Submit Changes.” Your changes are not yet complete! Next you must click “Return to Previous” to return to the previous page, then submit your changes again.
    Registration info - submitting changes on Change Class Options in VCU eServices [View Image]
  4. After clicking “Submit Changes” again on the Add or Drop Classes screen, your changes are complete:
    Registration info - submit changes on Add or Drop Classes in VCU eServices [View Image]