2022 VCU Leadership Development Program Nominator/Reference Form

Thank you for providing a reference for the 2022 VCU Leadership Development Program. The following questions will ask for different types of information, including your thoughts about an ideal mentor for the applicant. You can close out and comeback to the form and your data will be saved. A confirmation email will be sent upon successful completion and submission of the form.

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Reference/Nominator Information

Candidate Information

Please answer the following questions to affirm your endorsement of the candidate for participation in the program. Your responses are confidential (between yourself, the application review team, and the participant's assigned mentor) and will be used in the aggregate with other references/nominators and the candidate's responses to identify participant's mentor and planning for program content.

Succcessful candidates will:

1. Exhibit the skills, potential, and desire to take a significant role in leading the university;
2. Express the desire to further develop his or her skills and abilities;
3. Be employed at an organization level of leadership, hold significant responsibilities in the university, or show "special promise" for leadership roles;
4. Commit to participate fully in all scheduled class sessions, mentoring opportunities, and project teamwork;
5. Represent a diversity of gender, race, and ethnicity; and
6. Have the support and commitment of their superiors to participate fully in the Virginia Commonwealth University Leadership Development Program.

What three (3) objectives would you set for the candidate to achieve?


What are the candidates three (3) greatest strengths and three (3) weaknesses?

 Strengths Weaknesses


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