Practicum Notice


Welcome to the Virginia Commonwealth University College of Health Professions, Department of Rehabilitation Counseling. We hope you will succeed in both the academic and practical aspects of your course of study. VCU policy does not require students to undergo criminal background checks, drug screenings, credit checks or the like as a condition of acceptance or enrollment. Clinical experiences or field internships, however, may be an integral part of your academic program and many of the clinical affiliates with which the University contracts to provide such clinical experiences, do require criminal background checks, health screenings or drug screens as a condition of allowing students to participate in the clinical experience. Some affiliates may also require credit checks, DMV records check, review of professional disciplinary records, registry searches of certain types of sex offenders and/or verification of Social Security Numbers or legal residency.

Students assigned to a clinical rotation or internship at an outside facility are personally responsible for completing the required checks or screenings and assuring that results are obtained by the facility that asks for them. This means that students also may be required to bear the costs of such tests. It will be the decision of the clinical affiliate whether the student will be allowed to participate in the clinical activities. Virginia Commonwealth University does not assume any responsibility for obtaining or evaluating the results of a criminal background check, drug screen or other check, maintaining the records of results or for delivering them to clinical sites. Students may not request to be assigned only to those sites that do not require such checks. Students who refuse to undergo a criminal background check or drug screen or other required check may not be able to be placed at another facility and consequently may not be able to complete program requirements. The University will make reasonable efforts to place all enrolled students in clinical training.

Students unable to obtain a clinical site due to questionable background checks may be subject to Administrative Review, and possible dismissal from the program.

Students are also reminded that licensing boards for certain occupations and professions may deny, suspend or revoke a license or may deny the opportunity to sit for an examination if an applicant has a criminal history or is convicted or pleads guilty or nolo contendere to a felony or other serious crime. Students should consult the licensing board of their intended profession for further information. Successful completion of a program of study at VCU's College of Health Professions, Department of Rehabilitation Counseling does not guarantee licensure, the opportunity to sit for a licensure examination, certification or employment in the relevant occupation.