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When a student is accepted into the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling, a faculty member is appointed to serve as an advisor to the student on course scheduling, to supervise his/her research (if applicable) and to act as a channel of communication with the department, other departments and the Graduate School.

Students should consult with faculty advisors on a regular basis to ensure orderly progress through the entire program of study, in selecting clinical placement sites, in selecting electives and planning their careers.

A student who has not been assigned an advisor or is having concerns about the role of an advisor should notify Dr. Amy J. Armstrong, Chair, by calling (804) 827-0913 (TDD (800) 828-1120) or e-mailing rehabcnsling@vcu.edu.


After the student has been accepted to the Department, he/she may register for courses using Records and Registration’s online registration feature. The user-friendly site provides a convenient online way to register for all of your classes.

If you want to register for classes and you have been out of the Rehabilitation Counseling or Professional Counseling Program for one year or more, you must reapply to the program. You will need to submit all new materials to the Graduate Admission's Office.

Internship planning 

All students coordinate with the department clinical coordinator as part of their participation in RHAB 691 - Counseling Techniques.  During this class, they prepare to begin a practicum the following semester in RHAB 692 - Advanced Professional Counseling Issues.  Enrollment in RHAB 692 is dependent on students having a practicum site prearranged in conjunction with the clinical coordinator.

Internship tracking

Practica and internship progress is tracked through Time2track.com  - a web-based system connecting students, site supervisors and faculty for purposes of recording hours and activities, as well as mid-term and final evaluations.  Students must purchase access to Time2track at the outset of practicum, approximately $45 annually for the full period of clinical practice in practicum and internship.  Students may continue in the system at their discretion following completion to track residency hours toward LPC licensure.