Aug. 13, 2020 - A service desk for VCU Social Media is now available through UR Digital Requests. Please click on either "Make a request" buttons to submit requests for new social media accounts and social media support.

We are the team formerly known as CS Web or web maintenance.

We have a new name, a new look and a new tool for making requests, but we're still the same team of experienced developers that you rely on for web support.

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What we offer

Add, edit, replace or delete elements

Modify text, images, documents and other media on your website

Troubleshoot broken website features

Issues with website functionality, page not found or server errors, or other broken site elements

Account access

Provide access to databases, analytics or other accounts

Answer your questions

Here to answer your questions about your website


Personalized training on how to use your website

For larger projects, such as website redesigns, please contact Mary Ann Davies, director of strategic account services, at to discuss your needs.

If you need T4 basic training, please contact Technology Services to schedule.

What to expect

Our process

Tips for making a request

Our pricing

Frequently asked questions

For more detailed information, please visit our info center  

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