Appointment Letter Guidelines and Templates

For the three types of postdoctoral scholars, please refer to the policy.

Listed below you will find letter templates. While you do not have to use them, please keep in mind that all appointment letters must contain the following information as stated in the policy:

  • basic terms of the appointment including the intended overall period of appointment (including the provision of the annual required renewal of the appointment)
  • the end date for the current award must be indicated even if a renewal of the award is anticipated
  • the compensation level
  • the health benefits that will be provided (minimally, the scholar must be provided payment/contribution toward the cost of health insurance equal to the cost of individual coverage from a designated plan offered through the Office of Postdoctoral Services)
  • amount of paid leave time (minimally, the scholar must be provided with 20 days per appointment year)
  • a statement that benefits associated with this position terminate when the postdoctoral appoint ends
  • a statement that the appointment is subject to University and Office of Research and Innovation policies
  • a statement that the postdoctoral scholar is required to set up an orientation meeting with the Coordinator of the Office of Postdoctoral Services before the end of the first week of the postdoctoral appointment
  • a statement that responsible conduct of research training must be completed within 12 months of the appointment
  • whether funding for the period of the intended appointment is secure; if not, the duration of secure funding must be noted
  • if the appointment is dependent on extramural funding
  • a general description of the project and/or activities on which the postdoctoral scholar initially is to be involved
  • that an annual review of the progress of the postdoctoral scholar will be undertaken
  • a signature line for the candidate to confirm acceptance of the terms of the offer of appointment

If an appointment is renewed or extended, a letter documenting the renewal of the appointment containing the information as described above must be provided to the individual.

Template Appointment Letters

Postdoctoral Scholar-Fellow letter templateword logo [View Image]

Postdoctoral Scholar-Trainee letter templateword logo [View Image]

Postdoctoral Scholar-Affiliate letter templateword logo [View Image]

Reappointment Letter

Reappointment letter templateword logo [View Image]

Template Termination/Non-renewal Letters

Postdoctoral Scholar termination letter templateword logo [View Image]

Postdoctoral Scholar non-renewal letter templateword logo [View Image]

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