Welcome to the Office of Postdoctoral Services

Postdoctoral scholars are an essential component of the research program at Virginia Commonwealth University.   The Office of Postdoctoral Services (OPS) was established in the summer of 2007 in recognition of the important role postdoctoral scholars fulfill within the university.

The goal of the OPS is to support postdoctoral training at VCU by:

  • serving as a liaison between postdoctoral scholars, faculty, administrators and staff on campus;
  • providing resources and information to facilitate the recruitment, employment,  mentoring, and career development of postdoctoral scholars; and,
  • assuring that faculty and postdoctoral scholars are aware of university policies, procedures and benefits for postdoctoral scholars.

VCU Postdoctoral Survey

Each year since 2009, the VCU Office of Postdoctoral Services has surveyed its postdoctoral scholars to solicit feedback on issues related to being a postdoc at VCU. Each year the survey includes questions related to demographic information as well as questions asking how satisfied postdocs are on such topics as their scholarly productivity, opportunities for networking, career development activities, and services available at VCU. We use the results from the survey to assist us in improving the services and benefits for postdoctoral scholars at VCU. These have included such things as:

  • Increasing the number and dollar amount of travel awards for postdocs to present their research at scientific conferences
  • Instituting a postdoc travel award program for attendance at career development programs
  • Increasing career development programs focused on careers outside academia (e.g. the VCU BEST Program);
  • Opening faculty grant-writing workshops to postdocs
  • Offering tuition waivers for courses in the Preparing Future Faculty Program
  • Offering workshops about the Affordable Care Act benefits available to postdoc families

Fall 2015 VCU Postdoctoral Scholar Survey Summarypdf logo [View Image]

Fall 2014 VCU Postdoctoral Scholar Survey Summarypdf logo [View Image]

Summary findings from each year’s survey are available here for review.pdf logo [View Image]

VCU Postdoc Listserv

The VCU Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation has established a postdoctoral listserv to communicate information of importance to all postdocs at VCU. Postdocs will be added to the listserv automatically.

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