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College of Humanities & Sciences

Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture


We are scholars and practitioners with expertise in media theory and practice. Below is a list of our faculWety's expertise. Collaborators, visiting scholars and graduate students are encouraged to scan the list to see where we can work together to make bigger things. We enjoy the intersection of media and culture. We like teaching it, researching it, and working in it. Let's do it together.


As a group, the Robertson School faculty publishes about the following topics:

  • the role of the media in public health and the environment.
  • crafting health-related messages, the interactions between media and politics.
  • how media practices differ in international contexts.
  • how corporations communicate about social change.
  • how news consumers’ characteristics affect their media preferences.
  • how communicators can practice in a socially responsible way.
  •  the role of visuals in the communicative process. 

We also work on other projects that did not make this list. For more information about our faculty’s research, please visit individual faculty members’ pages and click on the publications tab below.


Our faculty have earned a number of research grants from well known funders including:

  • Facebook
  • Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • United States Department of State (Fulbright)
  • Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
  • Arthur W. Page Center
  • International Studies Association
  • Institute for Integrative Health

Our practitioner faculty design book covers, develop digital recruitment tools for clients in higher education, create award-winning logo designs, develop strategic plans for major brands and companies and execute impactful multimedia advertising campaigns for a wide variety of organizations. Please note that clients are not listed to respect confidentiality agreements. Our professional faculty have received a number of awards, including: 

  • Healthcare Advertising Awards
  • Aster Awards
  • Richmond Ad Club Person of the Year
  • Virginia Public Relations Awards
  • ADDY Awards (in student categories)

Several of our faculty have authored books. For example:

  • Mallory Perryman has written Mediated Democracy: Politics, the News, and Citizenship in the 21st Century with CQ Press. 
  • Karen McIntyre and Nicole Dahmen (University of Oregon) co-edited “Reporting Beyond the Problem: From Civic Journalism to Solutions Journalism” with Peter Lang.
  • Mariam Alkazemi and Claudia Youakim (American University of Beirut) co-edited Arab Worlds Beyond the Middle East and North Africa with Lexington Books. 
  • Marcel Jennings wrote Advertising Creative: Strategy, Copy, Design (5th Edition) with Tom Altstiel and Jean Grow with Sage Publications, Inc.

For a selection of our most recent peer-reviewed works, please visit our  publications page

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