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College of Humanities & Sciences

Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture

Funded Grants

Guidry, J.P.D., O’Donnell, N.H., Carlyle, K.E., & Miller, C.A. (2019) #Doesanybodycare: Encouraging Suicide-and Depression-Related Bystander Behavior on Instagram. Funding Source: Virginia Commonwealth University (Funded, $49,893).

Guidry, J.P.D., O’Donnell, N.H., & Austin, L.L., Coman, I.A., & Adams, J.W. (2019). Tell me about the #fluvaccine: Using narratives to encourage vaccination. Funding Source: Arthur Page Center (Funded, $5,000).

Guidry, J.P.D., Carlyle, K.E., Johnson, J., Bodnar-Deren, S., & Dick, D. (2018) #Social4Health: Promoting College Student Social and Mental Wellbeing using Social Media Funding Source: VCU College of Humanities and Sciences SEED grant (Funded, $4,280)

Guidry, J.P.D., O’Donnell, N.H., & Adams, J.W. (2018). Promoting pro-environmental behaviors through visual social media. Funding Source: AEJMC’s Emerging Scholar Award. (Funded, $3,500).

O’Donnell, N.H., Guidry, J.P.D., & Adams, J.W. (2018). Promoting public health and ecosystem health in the Lower James River basin. Funding Source: The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. (Funded. $11,420).

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