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College of Humanities & Sciences

Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture


The Creative and Strategic Advertising Concentrations of the B.S. degree in Mass Communications are centered on professional practice, studio intensive coursework and experimental collaboration in education. The Advertising Concentration is a training ground that prepares students to join the world community of media practitioners.

We’re located in Richmond, one of the most creative and lovely cities in America. Our facilities include extensive laboratories, studios, classrooms and common areas with the latest hardware, software and wetware. The school is located in VCU’s Temple Building. The walls of Temple are covered with murals by noted artists Ed Trask, Chris Milk and El Kamino, as well as alumni Chad Woods and Allen White.

Coursework at VCU focuses on smart thinking and rigorous practice in creative and strategic advertising. Classes emphasize the attributes and transferable skills necessary to succeed in advertising and media communications. Courses like Story, Curiousness, Empathy, CreateAthon and Style demand that students produce contemporary and effective advertising. The Advertising Concentration stresses professional development that enables students to succeed in the contemporary workplace and in careers of the future.

Learn more from the VCU Bulletin about the undergraduate concentrations in creative advertising and strategic advertising.

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