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College of Humanities & Sciences

Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture

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Student media

The VCU Student Media Center gives an opportunity for students of all majors to work together for producing a newspaper, a magazine, journals, an array of websites and a radio station. Student media are always open to one-time contributors or regular staff members. Some editorial positions are paid.

It’s important to note that the student media are not part of the Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture. Legally and operationally, for First Amendment reasons, the student media are separate from the school and operate as part of the VCU Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services. The School’s professors and administrators do not exercise any control over the student media. But the student media tend to draw students from the school because of their communications skills and interest in media careers.

The students involved in campus media enjoy the special privilege of influencing and conveying thoughts and opinions. They also get an opportunity to develop their skills in writing, editing, publication design, radio announcing, running small businesses and other disciplines.

The student newspaper is the Commonwealth Times, available on newsstands around campus and online every Monday and Thursday during the school year. The student radio station is WVCWMesh Media is a collection of multimedia websites.

Free Associated Press Stylebook online

The AP Stylebook is now freely available online for VCU students, faculty and staff. 

Take charge of your learning

There are many ways that you can improve your journalistic skills on your own. NewsU, for example, offers free tutorials about writing, reporting, editing, photography and other subjects.

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