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Your student should discuss the details of each exam with you at least one (1) week prior to each exam, two (2) weeks prior to final exams, before scheduling with SAEO. You will be notified of your student’s appointment via a confirmation email containing their unique appointment Test ID and the link to our online Test Submission Form. This email will be generated automatically five (5) days in advance of the appointment (assuming the request was submitted with the appropriate notice.

Using the Test ID in the email, complete a test form (online only); the online test form must be filled out to ensure SAEO can properly administer the exam. Submit a copy of your exam 24-48 hours prior to the start of the scheduled exam either:

SAEO will have the completed exams returned via email or ready for pick up within 48 hours following the student’s appointment, depending on the preference indicated on the Test Form.

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