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Safety and Well-being Advisory Committee

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In VCU’s journey to preserve and restore health and well-being for all and uphold our inherent values of diversity, inclusion and equity, our mission calls on us to address very real issues such as law enforcement’s interactions with ethnic, racial, gender and sexual minority communities, in particular those intersecting with African American communities.

To this end, VCU will transition its public safety model from policing our community to equitably and more holistically fostering the safety and well-being of every individual on our campuses. Through a series of targeted reforms and community involvement, VCU is forging a new transformational model for campus safety and wellness with the goal of addressing and promoting health equity. As a start, our new model will include the creation of a safety and well-being advisory committee.

The VCU Safety and Well-being Advisory Committee (SWAC) is charged with defining and instituting the components of a new transformational model for public safety and wellness across VCU, while leveraging a transdisciplinary approach, to better meet the safety and wellness needs of the VCU community. This committee will operate within a purview independent of VCU Police. 

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