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Safety and Well-being Advisory Committee

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This summer, we solicited committee membership nominations by seeking input from the university community and reaching out to diverse cultural and leadership groups across the university, health system and neighboring communities. These groups included student organizations, faculty and staff employee groups, VCU Health System leadership and neighborhood associations. The nomination period closed on September 14, 2020. 

Members were selected to serve based on their areas of expertise and indicated interest, either as a member of SWAC or as a member of a SWAC subcommittee. By September 24, 2020, 31 members were confirmed to serve on the committee. Throughout the selection process, we remained committed to ensuring we maintained a broadly representative group that was inclusive and diverse across various classifications, identities, cultures, disciplines and backgrounds.

Members will serve from September 2020 to May 2021.

    Executive committee:

    Karol Gray, senior vice president and chief financial officer

    Gail Hackett, Ph.D., provost and senior vice president for academic affairs

    Grant Heston, vice president for university relations

    Karen Helderman, executive director for audit and compliance services

    Arthur Kellermann, M.D., CEO of VCU Health System and senior vice president for health sciences

    Chuck Klink, Ph.D., senior vice provost for student affairs

    Pamela Lepley, senior advisor to the president

    Aashir Nasim, Ph.D., vice president of institutional equity, effectiveness and success

    Meredith Weiss, Ph.D., vice president for administration

      SWAC membership:

        Co-chairs: Andrew P. Daire, Ph.D. and  Sheryl Garland 


        Beth Angell, dean/professor, VCU School of Social Work

        Jihad Aziz, Ph.D., interim assistant vice provost for student affairs; executive director of university counseling

        Melissa Bui, psychiatrist, VCU Psychiatry

        Alanna Cason, VCU student

        Robert Cerullo, deputy commonwealth’s attorney for Powhatan County; VCU professor 

        Keara Chambers, outreach program coordinator, College of Engineering

        Roy Cox, VCU student

        Craig Cronheim, vice president of human resources and asset protection, CarMax

        Christina Davis, VCU student

        Khalid Elshowaya, VCU student

        Laura Gariepy, associate dean for research and learning, VCU Cabell Library

        Natasha Hawkes, nurse manager, VCU Health System

        Kelly King Horne, executive director, Homeward

        Dakota Jennings, VCU student

        Daniel Lindstrom, VCU student

        Tito Luna, neighborhood outreach director, Center for Community Engagement and Impact

        Taylor Maloney, VCU student and SGA president

        Katrina Markowicz, VCU student

        Takeya McLaurin, senior associate athletic director for administration, VCU Athletics

        Susan Parish, dean, VCU College of Health Professions

        Rebecca T. Perdue, alumni, MCV Foundation

        Kaylee Pickinpaugh, VCU student

        Saher Randhawa, president, VCU Staff Senate 

        Rohan Rathi, VCU student

        Dawn Rosenberg, president, Woodland Heights Civic Association

        Camille Rudney, staff clinician, University Counseling

        Keisha Sowers, VCU Alumni Board of Governors

        Amanda Stephan, program manager, CARITAS

        Jennifer Stout, teaching and learning librarian, VCU Cabell Library

        Jeffrey Truong, VCU student

        Katina Velentzas, senior academic advisor, School of Business 

        Suzanne Weaver, senior director of support services programs, VCU Health System

        Cindy Wofford, community member

        Chernoh Wurie, Ph.D., assistant professor, VCU Wilder School

        Subcommittee membership:



        Corey Boone, MSEd, assistant director, VCU Office of Events and Special Programs

        Adam Caldwell, M.P.A., director of strategic projects, VCU Center for Community Engagement and Impact

        Jonsette Calloway, MS IMC, public relations specialist, VCU Administration

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