Publications from the Department of Biology, Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Submissions from 2009 2009


Mast Cell Regulation of the Immune Response, John J. Ryan, Johanna K. Morales, Yves T. Falanga, Josephine FA Fernando, and Matthew R. Macey

Submissions from 2007 2007


Stream ambient noise, spectrum and propagation of sounds in the goby Padogobius martensii: Sound pressure and particle velocity, Marco Lugli and Michael L. Fine

Submissions from 2004 2004


The effect of loading on disturbance sounds of the Atlantic croaker Micropogonius undulatus: Air versus water, Michael L. Fine, Justin Schrinel, and Timothy M. Cameron

Submissions from 2003 2003


Acoustic communication in two freshwater gobies: Ambient noise and short-range propagation in shallow streams, Marco Lugli and Michael L. Fine

Submissions from 2002 2002


Acoustic competition in the gulf toadfish Opsanus beta: Acoustic tagging, Robert F. Thorson and Michael L. Fine

Submissions from 1977 1977


Temporal Aspects Of Calling Behavior In Oyster Toadfish, Opsanus-Tau, Michael L. Fine

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