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Design a computer network using two or more host servers that supports a virtual hosting environment.

The importance of creating a successful datacenter is to allow a company to maintain data accessibility while keeping the data secure. One way of doing this is to have servers at multiple locations to insure that data isn’t lost in case of a failure at one server location. The impact of a datacenter that supports a virtual hosting environment is to maximize hardware recourses, grants the ability to quickly stand up server services and increases availability during hardware failure due to software like VMotion.

We start the project by deciding the type of server that best fits the needs of the project. The next step is figuring out which RAID configuration best fits the needs of the datacenter. Once the RAID configuration is decided the user needs to figure out how much storage is going to be required for the datacenter to do its job. Depending on the RAID configuration each hard drive will only be able to access a certain amount of it capacity. Once the host server is set up the administrator can create virtual hosts, vCPUs and virtual machines to implement different required server functions. We will use different VMware products like VMware workstation and VMotion to maximize the usage of the physical hardware.

The goal of the project is to create a datacenter with multiple servers and allow for remote access. The datacenter must be able to implement new services and manage its resources to provide maximum functionality. The datacenter must also be able to support warm and hot backups in case of a hardware failure.

Anticipated Results and Conclusions: We expect to have a working datacenter with multiple hosting servers. We will utilize virtual machines and physical servers to create a computing environment. With the computing environment we will be able to test different applications on different platforms on a single device.

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computer science, virtualization


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Preetam Gosh

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July 2015

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