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To generate additional force that is applied to the rear of the FSAE race car The importance of the rear diffuser is to add a rear force to the vehicle. The rear force is generated from the airflow coming from underneath the vehicle. The way the airflow creates a force is through generating a pressure differential in which the air exiting the rear of the race car is now causing a downward force from the diffuser. The use of a diffuser is known to be of use at high speeds and if designed correctly creating the aerodynamics needed to keep the vehicle better grounded in the rear. The model was created through SolidWorks and tested using ANSYS to determine whether the design has met expectations. A main goal is to make sure that the diffuser can be as effective as possible while maintaining budget limitations. Design for a rear diffuser that is to be placed on the tail end of the VCU FSAE race car. This generates a downward force to help with the traction of the race car, through the unique design and modeling created on Solidworks while being tested through ANSYS.

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mechanical and nuclear engineering, diffuser


Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Nuclear Engineering

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Robert Sexton

VCU Capstone Design Expo Posters


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August 2015

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