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Master of Fine Arts


Dean's Office Qatar

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Dr. Thomas Modeen

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Mohammad Suleiman

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Zachary Stensen

Fourth Advisor

Rab McClure


Mass production and assembly lines are yesterday’s manufacturing methods. They have exhausted Earth’s resources and limited the possibilities of design in terms of both form and material, prompting designers to search for new processes. A new generation of making includes biomimicry-inspired technologies such as 3D printing and parametric simulation, which have transformed the production paradigm. Utilizing nature as industry, this thesis explores the possibility of “growing” designed objects by employing nature’s own processes and resources. It integrates bio materials, generative design and additive manufacturing to produce objects for a post-industrial world. The project outcomes employ natural minerals, crystallization and 3D printing to develop new forms of making, proposing a new suite of tools for designers.


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