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Background: CVD is the leading cause of death in PLWH. HIV positive individuals have a 1.5-2-fold greater risk of CVD compared to uninfected individuals, even if complete viral load suppression is achieved. HIV-associated CVD has tripled over the past 20 years, yet scant data is available describing this population. We have characterized CVD risk factors and treatment in PLWH in order to assess and improve cardioprotective treatment.

Methods: A retrospective EMR review was conducted for HIV positive patients enrolled at the McGuire VAMC between 12/2018 and 12/2019. Patients were excluded if labs were older than one year from follow-up. Patient demographics was collected along with characterization and treatment of their HIV, hypertension, diabetes, and dyslipidemia. Patient CVD status and risk factors were analyzed, and cardioprotective agent appropriateness was assessed.

Results: 242 patients were included in this study. Overall, 91% had HIV viral load ≤ 200. 25% of patients had diabetes, of which 51% were controlled. 86% of patients achieved a blood pressure goal of ≤ 140/90. 40% of patients achieved LDL ≤ 70, with 56% of patients on a statin. 14% of patients had past history significant for cardiovascular event.

Conclusion: Characterization of CVD in PLWH should be a high priority and treatment should be closely monitored due to the rising disease state burden. Lack of large clinical trials outlining treatment strategies in this aging population has hindered appropriate patient care. Intensified and targeted cardioprotective strategies are needed due to a high proportion of patients with uncontrolled CVD risk factors.


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