Journal of Hip Hop Studies

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JHHS Aims and Scope

JHHS aims to continue the African diasporic freedom struggle and unite, organize and fight with other oppressed peoples of the world. JHHS' aims mirror the development and growth of Hip Hop. Hip Hop, an African diasporic phenomenon, which begin its flows and ciphas in Africa, manifested in the Bronx and spread to every corner of the world, speaks truth to power and offers a voice to the voiceless. Hip Hop has also played an active role in providing an identity to dispossessed and disenfranchised people. In true Hip Hop fashion, JHHS is immersed in this phenomenon and, in a variety of ways, focuses on the same aims that Hip Hop focuses on.
  • JHHS publishes the scholarship of Hip Hop scholars in academia, as well as the work of Hip Hop artists and critics.
  • JHHS elucidates to academia and its readers outside of the academy the many facets of Hip Hop.
  • JHHS breaks with scholarly traditions that hinder the voices of Black and Brown scholars, such as language and writing style, while maintaining a high level of scholarship.
  • JHHS publishes at the dynamic rate of change within Hip Hop, through its Journal and its online website.
  • JHHS publishes scholarly works grounded in the field of Hip Hop studies and the works that intersects with Hip Hop Studies.
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