Journal of Hip Hop Studies

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The inspiration to develop a Hip Hop Feminist workbook developed from a college course I teach: Hip Hop Feminism: Queen B*tch. An Introduction to the (im)Possibilities of Hip Hop Feminism. Using the syllabus, I have developed lessons and talks on college campuses that I have also delivered to community spaces with Black girls and women, secondary educators, parents, and student organizations. I teach resistance and anti-establishment readings of our bodies, lyrics, and live and mediated performances of Hoes With An Attitude (H.W.A.) Lil’ Kim, Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliott, Cardi B, The City Girls; as well as topics related to Hip Hop culture and sexual hygiene and wellness. I hope that you’re inspired to see the fullness of your magic, humanity, and beauty while gaining a sense of consciousness and intersectional thinking that happens when listening, dancing, lip syncing, or simply feeling a song. I encourage each of you to explore the healing and transformative power and pleasure experienced throughout Hip Hop culture.





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