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College of Humanities & Sciences

Interdisciplinary Science Program



biology track

The biology track is designed for students pursing interests in scientific research, teaching or industry.

Concentration curriculum (35-36 credits)

Please visit VCU Courses for information on course offerings.

  • BIOL 152 Introduction to Biological Science II and BIOZ 152L Introduction to Biological Science Laboratory II
  • BIOL 300 Cellular & Molecular Biology
  • BIOL 310 Genetics and BIOZ 310L Laboratory in Genetics
  • BIOL 317 Ecology
  • CHEM 102 General Chemistry and CHEZ/FRSZ 102L General Chemistry Laboratory II
  • GEOG/ENVS 105 Physical Geology and GEOZ/ENVZ 105L Physical Geology Laboratory or GEOG 204 Physical Geography and GEOZ 204L Physical Geography Laboratory or other (approved) 200 level class with lab
  • PHYS 202 General Physics or PHYS 208 University Physics II
  • One upper-level animal course 
  • One upper-level plant course
  • One upper level plant or upper level animal course with laboratory
  • One upper level BIO elective 
  • INSC 490 Capstone research experience in Interdisciplinary Science
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