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Strategic Enrollment Management and Student Success

photo of graduating guys: Vision Statement The Men of Color Initiative will offer a holistic and inclusive experience that encompasses curricular, co-curricular, mentorship, and community building opportunities to attract, engage and retain undergraduate Black males and Latinos but is accessible to all students. [View Image]

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Men of Color Initiative

Inclusive of faculty, staff, alumni, and community leaders, the VCU MOC Initiative fosters  a culture of decision-making guided by data, information and research-based practices. The group embraces a courageous and creative edge grounded in a willingness to try new, innovative and informed approaches dedicated to the enrollment, student success and post-graduation outcomes for Black males and Latinos. 

Charge: The MOC Initiative investigates the climate, experiences, and non-cognitive and motivational needs of Black male and Latino students at VCU. Additionally, the MOC Initiative provides short-term and long-term research-based recommendations to aid VCU in the development of holistic and inclusive programs designed to improve undergraduate Black male and Latino student success.

VCU Male Students

 Graph MOC UG Enrollment by gender [View Image]

Undergraduate Male Enrollment by Ethnicity
Fall 2021
 MOC ethnicity pie chart [View Image]

Four year graduation rates indicate men of color graduate at the lowest rates among all men.

4 year graduation rate by gender graph [View Image]



 4 year graduation rate by ethnicity graph [View Image]

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