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Mandatory fees

VCU charges mandatory fees to students to pay for items not covered by tuition, including technology support, universitywide events, recreational activities and athletics — all of which help create your full VCU experience.

Mandatory fees are required for all full- and part-time students on both campuses. Full-time students pay a flat rate. Part-time students pay a per-credit-hour rate. Students are required to pay mandatory fees each semester. Rates vary based on student classification and enrollment.

What is included in the mandatory fees?


Mandatory student fees for 2021-22, including increase year over year

University fee$2,137 $2,244 $107 +5% 
Athletics$919 $929   
University strategic initiatives and contingency$162 $132   
Parking and Transportation$94 $83   
Student union and recreational sports$646$652   
Students services$315 $448   
Technology fee$85$285 $200 +336% 
Library fee$80 $80   
Health service fee$224 $235 $11 5% 
Student activity fee$90 $90 $00% 
Total mandatory fees (resident)$2,616 $2,934 $318 +13% 
Capital outlay fee (nonresident only)$690 $690   
Total mandatory fees (nonresident)$3,306 $3,624 $318 +10% 

Specifically for 2021-22, the funds from mandatory fee increases will support:

For a listing of the distribution of Student Activity fees, refer to the Distribution of Student Activity Fees FY 2020.

VCU reserves the right to revise or alter all tuition and fees costs, regulations and collection procedures at any time.

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