Sensory Intelligent Laboratory (SIL), founded in 2008, located in Room 313, Engineering Building West, at the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). This lab provides both Undergraduate and Graduate Research Opportunities in many ways.
We are developing Sensory Intelligence illustrated in the area shown below.
  1. Target Tracking
  2. Online-Classification
  3. Biomedical Applications
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collaboration with SIL

SIL looks for collaborating with laboratories of government and industry. If you find out some mutual interests, please call us at 804-828-1281. We are pleased to talk about further extensive opportunities. Also we are offering a tour with some demonstration at SIL.


employment at SIL

If you are currently enrolled in the College of Engeering at VCU and are interested in joining SIL, please feel free to contact Yuichi Motai ( or just stop by Room 212. A research or teaching assistant position for graduate students is avaiable. For course information, please see my teaching page.


candidates for SIL

For potential graduate students (especially for Ph.D. candidates) in ECE, please contact a selection comittee member (including me) for information about the admission procedure. If you would like to work with us, please email your resume to ( I am sorry, I may not be able to reply to all inquiries.

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