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Chaiklin, Harris, Ph.D.

Harris Chaiklin, Ph.D., (d. 2015) was Professor emeritus at the University of Maryland School Of Social Work; and he has also been a Fulbright scholar and visiting professor at Haifa University School of Social Work. His teaching specialties centered on the social aspects of practice and research. His research interests were in practice relating to crime and delinquency, the family, poverty, health, and history. He published more than 60 articles and evaluation reports on these subjects, including: “The Elderly Disturbed Prisoner.” Clinical Gerontologist; “Needed: More Education for Social Work Practice in Criminal Justice” Journal of Law and Social Work; “Current and Prior Mental Health Treatment of Jail Inmates: The Use of the Jail as an Alternative Shelter” Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless; “Franklin Benjamin Sanborn: Human Services Innovator.” and “Research on Social Work Practice.”

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