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Chaiklin, Harris, Ph.D.

Harris Chaiklin, Ph.D., (d. 2015) was Professor emeritus at the University of Maryland School Of Social Work; and he has also been a Fulbright scholar and visiting professor at Haifa University School of Social Work. His teaching specialties centered on the social aspects of practice and research. His research interests were in practice relating to… Continue Reading »

Black, Allida, Ph.D.

Allida Black is Research Professor of History and International Affairs at The George Washington University and Project Director and Editor of The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers, a project designed to preserve, teach and apply Eleanor Roosevelt’s writings and discussions of human rights and democratic politics. Professor Black is the recipient of the Millennium Medal from The… Continue Reading »

Berkowitz, Edward, Ph. D.

Edward Berkowitz, Ph. D., Professor of History and Public Policy and Public Administration and Director of the Program in History and Public Policy, George Washington University, Washington, D.C. His areas of expertise include disability and social security. His most recent monograph, The Other Welfare: Supplemental Security Income and U.S. Social Policy, appeared with Cornell University… Continue Reading »

Beckerman, Dr. Aaron

Dr. Aaron Beckerman (d. 2012) received his MSW from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Social Work in 1951 and a Doctorate in Social Welfare from Columbia University, School of Social Work in 1953. Early in his professional career, Dr. Beckerman worked 12 years as a social work practitioner/supervisor in community centers and psychiatric hospitals. From… Continue Reading »

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