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Petersen, Anna M.

Anna M. Petersen, reformatory superintendent, educator, eugenicist by Alice W. Campbell, Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries   Anna M. Petersen served as superintendent of the Virginia Home and Industrial School for Girls (Bon Air, VA) from 1914 – 1920.  Beginning in October 1916, Petersen took part in organizational meetings that would result in the founding of… Continue Reading »

Light, Mattie McNab

IN MEMORIAM MRS. MATTIE McNAB LIGHT “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.”        Mrs. Mattie McNab Light entered upon life eternal Friday night, February 22, 1918 at 10:55 o’clock.  She had been seriously sick for six weeks, and bore her suffering with true Christian fortitude.  She was surrounded during her illness and… Continue Reading »

Virginia Home and Industrial School for Girls

The Virginia Home and Industrial School for Girls opened in Bon Air, Va., in 1910 as a reform school for the “care and training of incorrigible or vicious white girls … without proper restraint and training, between the ages of eight and eighteen years.” Continue Reading »

Girl Problem Grows – Richmond Times-Dispatch, February 5, 1913. Juvenile Court and Juvenile Protective Society, Richmond, VA

  JUVENILE COURT TRIED 410 CASES Disorderly Conduct with 182 Offenders, Constituted Largest Single Class. GIRL PROBLEM GROWS  Regarded by Juvenile Protective Society as Its Most Difficult Task    In a memorial, just from the press in pamphlet form, the Juvenile Protective Society of Virginia sums up for convenient reference the work accomplished by the juvenile… Continue Reading »

Friends (Quakers) in Prison Reform

This entry was in the files of Charles Richmond Henderson (1848 – 1915), a notable sociologist and prison reformer. The new note that it struck was its emphasis upon the fact that all the interests of society were affected by the existence of the depraved and unfortunate classes, and that therefore the work in their behalf was a social task which must be shared by the whole community.Continue Reading »

Pennsylvania Prison Society

“…their object, as stated in their Preamble was to discover “such degree and modes of punishment” as might restore our “fellow creatures to virtue and happiness.” In the spirit of the Founder of Christianity they proposed to extend compassion toward the fallen by “alleviating” the unwholesome conditions in prisons and by mitigating the “unnecessary severity” of punishments.”Continue Reading »

Livingston, Edward

Edward Livingston (May 28, 1764 – May 23, 1836) — Jurist, statesman, elected official and prison reformerContinue Reading »

Brockway, Zebulon Reed

Zebulon Reed Brockway (April 28, 1827 – October 21, 1920) — Progressive penologist and originator of the indeterminate sentence and parole system.Continue Reading »

American Prison Association: Constitution

The American Correctional Association has championed the cause of corrections and correctional effectiveness for over 140 years. Founded in 1870 as the National Prison Association, ACA is the oldest association developed specifically for practitioners in the correctional profession. During the first organizational meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio, the assembly elected then-Ohio Governor and future President Rutherford B. Hayes as the first President of the Association. Continue Reading »

Hodder, Jessie Donaldson

Jessie Donaldson Hodder (1867-1931) was a pioneering reformer in the areas of child welfare, medical social service, and criminal justice. She is best known for her innovative contributions to the welfare of incarcerated girls and women as superintendent of the Massachusetts Reformatory for Women (1911-1931). Written by Laura J. Praglin, Ph.D., LMSW.Continue Reading »

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