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New Floors and Ceilings in the Minimum Wage: 1939

“The Wage and Hour Administration Reaches a Second Stage” by Beulah Amidon, an article in Survey Graphic, December, 1939Continue Reading »

Emancipation Proclamation

This document gave the states of the Confederacy until January 1, 1863 to lay down their arms and peaceably reenter the Union, if these states continued their rebellion all slaves in those seceding states were declared free. Continue Reading »

President’s Committee on Fair Employment Practice (FEPC)

President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 8802, creating a Committee on Fair Employment Practices (FEPC) to investigate complaints of discrimination and take action against valid complaints in any defense industry receiving government contracts.Continue Reading »

Conscientious Objectors: World War II

by Eleanor Roosevelt, “My Day Column,” June 20,1944Continue Reading »

Training Schools – And Civilian Public Service (1944)

Article by Stephen Angell in The Reporter, 1944. The Civilian Public Service (CPS) was set up to provide conscientious objectors in the United States an alternative service to military service during World War II. Continue Reading »

Carry On: Magazine on the Reconstruction of Disabled Soldiers and Sailors

“In the first number of this magazine, June 1918, Surgeon General Gorgas promised that ‘the Medical Department of the Army will ‘Carry On’ in the medical and training treatment of the disabled soldier until he is cured or as nearly cured as his disabilities permit.'” Continue Reading »

National Youth Organization

“I hereby prescribe the following functions and duties of the National Youth Administration: To initiate and administer a program of approved projects which shall provide relief, work relief, and employment for persons between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five years who are no longer in regular attendance at a school requiring full time, and who are not regularly engaged in remunerative employment.”Continue Reading »

The Problem of Unemployment : January, 1935

Speech given by Aubrey Williams, Assistant Works Progress Administrator and Executive Director of the National Youth Administration before the Buffalo Council of Social Agencies. “You and I know that the problem of unemployment does not stem directly from industrial depression…it was spawned in an era of giddy expansionism…it is an inescapable concomitant of our type of civilization…its roots are now sunk in the very bedrock of our capitalist society.”Continue Reading »

National Youth Administration: The College and High School Aid Program

A speech by Aubrey W. Williams, Executive Director of the National Youth Administration in 1937. “The Youth Administration was established to equalize opportunity for Youth. It was set up to raise economically disadvantaged Youth to within reach of opportunities denied them.”Continue Reading »

National Industrial Recovery Act (1933)

The National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) was enacted by Congress in June 1933 and was one of the measures by which President Franklin D. Roosevelt sought to assist the nation’s economic recovery during the Great Depression.Continue Reading »

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