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Bureau of Vocations for Women (1921)

Bureau of Vocations for Women (1921) published in Directory of Business and Professional Women in Richmond, Virginia, 1921     This published statement outlines the mission and activities of the Bureau of Vocations for Women (originally the Woman’s Occupational Bureau) founded by Orie Latham Hatcher. Hatcher initiated the idea of a school of social work… Continue Reading »

Red Cross Home Service Institutes — Richmond School of Social Economy.

Red Cross Home Service Institutes During World War I Alice W. Campbell, Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries   During the fall of 1917, the American Red Cross organized to support families of soldiers and sailors serving in the Great War. While much of this work would be carried out by volunteers, the Red Cross sought the… Continue Reading »

Bureau of Vocations for Women, September 1915. (Woman’s Occupational Bureau)

BUREAU OF VOCATIONS BEGINS WORK FOR SEASON College Women’s Club Plans to Vigorously Assist in Forward Movements This Winter. FIGHT HARMFUL LEGISLATION Equal Suffrage League Members Will Give Their Views to Charter Change Committee at Meeting to Be Held on September 13.      The organization formerly known as the Woman’s Occupational Bureau has resumed… Continue Reading »

Virginia Home and Industrial School for Girls

The Virginia Home and Industrial School for Girls opened in Bon Air, Va., in 1910 as a reform school for the “care and training of incorrigible or vicious white girls … without proper restraint and training, between the ages of eight and eighteen years.” Continue Reading »

Willard State Hospital, New York. Primary Sources

Plans and elevations and a historical sketch of the Willard Asylum for the insane, at Willard, on Seneca-Lake, N.Y. (1887) This report may also be read through the Internet Archive. Annual report of the Trustees of the Willard State Hospital, for the year 1892 This report may also be read through the Internet Archive. Annual… Continue Reading »

Passaic Textile Strike (1926) – film

The Passaic Textile Strike (1926) by Alice W. Campbell, VCU Libraries   The Passaic Textile Strike is a 1926 American silent film directed by Samuel Russak, and produced by Alfred Wagenknecht. The film’s photographers were Lester Balog, Sam Brody, and William Schwartfeller; the title cards were written by Margaret Larkin. Most of the acting was done… Continue Reading »

Passaic Textile Strike, 1926

Passaic Textile Strike, 1926 By Catherine A. Paul The 1926 Passaic Textile Strike began on January 25th, 1926 and lasted through March 1st, 1927. The work stoppage involved more than 15,000 wool and silk workers in and around Passaic, New Jersey who mobilized in response to a 10 per cent cut in their already meager… Continue Reading »

Children Who Labor – film (1912)

Children Who Labor (1912)   Children Who Labor was a collaboration between the Edison Company and the National Child Labor Committee, the nonprofit organization founded in 1904 and chartered by Congress to promote the rights of “children and youth as they relate to work and working.” In this melodrama, the daughter of a well-to-do industrialist is… Continue Reading »

Paterson Silk Strike, 1913

Paterson Silk Strike, 1913 By Catherine A. Paul The Paterson Silk Strike of Paterson, New Jersey lasted from February 1913 until July 1913 and was one of many industrial conflicts that erupted between 1909 and 1913 (Golin, 1992). During the strike, 1,850 strikers were arrested and jailed, 300 mills and dye houses were shut down,… Continue Reading »

National Social Welfare Assembly Comics Project

The National Social Welfare Assembly’s Comics Project was a collaboration between The National Social Welfare Assembly and National Comics, the company which became DC Comics. The project lasted from August, 1949 to July, 1967 and produced over 200 comic pages promoting citizenship and social values. Continue Reading »

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