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Brace, Charles Loring

Charles Loring Brace  (June 19, 1826 – August 11, 1890): Congregational Minister, Child Welfare Advocate, Founder of the New York Children’s Aid Society and Organizer of the Orphan’s Train   Introduction: Charles Loring Brace was born into a well-connected New England family. At the time of his birth, his father, John Brace, was principal of… Continue Reading »

Boyd, Neva Leona

Neva Leona Boyd  (1876-1963) – Social Group Worker, Professor of Sociology and Proponent of the Modern Play Movement Introduction: Neva Leona Boyd was born in Sanborn, Iowa on February 25, 1876 and she moved to Chicago after high school. Boyd enrolled in the Chicago Kindergarten Institute and then taught kindergarten in Buffalo, New York, before… Continue Reading »

Blackey, Eileen

Eileen A. Blackey  (1902-1979) — Social Worker,  Educator and Administrator   Eileen A. Blackey was a social work practitioner, educator, and international consultant. She designed a pioneering in-service staff development program for emergency relief workers during the 1930s, worked with the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration during World War II, and then directed staff… Continue Reading »

Bethune, Mary McLeod

An educator, organizer, and policy advocate, Bethune became one of the leading civil rights activists of her era. She led a group of African American women to vote after the 1920 ratification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution (giving women the right to vote).Continue Reading »

Berl, Fred

Fred Berl (1903-1981) — Fred Berl and the Spirit of Social Casework By Harris Chaiklin, Ph.D., Professor emeritus at the University of Maryland School of Social Work The few people who were lucky enough and plucky enough to escape the horror that Hitlerism and Stalinism brought to this world made great contributions to America. While… Continue Reading »

Beck, Bertram M.

Bertram Beck (1918 – 2000) — Settlement House Director, Deputy Director NASW, Educator and Consultant   Bertram Beck received a Masters in Art in Social Work in 1942 from the University of Chicago. He worked as a psychiatric social worker for the United States Air Force from 1942-1946. Elected to the original board of NASW,… Continue Reading »

Barton, Clara

Clara Harlowe Barton (December 25, 1821 – April 12, 1912) — Teacher, Humanitarian, Nurse, Founder of American Red Cross   Introduction: Clarissa Harlowe Barton was born in North Oxford, Massachusetts. Her father, Captain Stephen Barton, was a farmer, horsebreeder, and respected member of the community. Her mother, Sarah, managed the household and taught Barton the… Continue Reading »

Locust Street Settlement House

Modeled after Jane Addams‘ Hull-House, Locust Street Settlement House opened in 1890 in Hampton, VA. Continue Reading »

Barnard, Kate

Catherine “Kate” Barnard (1875-1930) — Social Reformer, Political and Labor Activist, and First Woman Elected to a State Office as Commissioner of the Oklahoma Conference of Charities and Corrections. Editor’s Note: This entry is a composite of information from two sources, which are listed below. Catherine “Kate” Barnard was born born in Geneva, Nebraska on May… Continue Reading »

Ball, Robert M.

Robert M. Ball: Social Security Pioneer A Personal Remembrance by Larry DeWitt   Editor’s Note: Larry DeWitt is the public historian at the U.S. Social Security Administration. He is the co-editor of Social Security: A Documentary History (Washington, D.C., Congressional Quarterly Press, 2008). Late in the night of January 29, 2008 Robert M. Ball, a leading figure… Continue Reading »

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