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Child Study Association of America – Statement of Purpose 1913

Written by Jack Hansan. “The Child Study Association of America (CSAA) grew out of the Society for the Study of Child Nature, which was formed in 1888. In 1908, the society was renamed the Federation for Child Study and began to more actively disseminate child development information.”Continue Reading »

Sisters of Charity of New York

Written by Michael Barga. “Some of the earliest sustained social service institutions and health care facilities in New York City were started by the sisters. Their allegiance to local Catholics in the city came in conflict with their obedience to their superiors … eventually leading to the establishment of a separate order recognized as the Sisters of Charity of New York (SCNY).”Continue Reading »

Children’s Aid Society of Pennsylvania

Written by Michael Barga. The Children’s Aid Society of Pennsylvania (CAS of PA) was formed in 1882 and was one of the first organizations dedicated to the care of children. The organization’s work has combined policy and direct service over the years, and the Society’s responsiveness to communal needs is especially highlighted through their efforts in times of war, depression, and social discord.Continue Reading »

Vasa Children’s Home

“History of the Vasa Children’s Home (1865-1955),” translated by Mrs. Dennis M. Lundell. The Vasa Children’s Home is the oldest Home in Minnesota and the Augustana Lutheran Church.Continue Reading »

Child Welfare: A 1934 Report on Security for Children

Final report prepared by Katharine F. Lenroot and Dr. Martha M. Eliot. “The chief aim of social security is the protection of the family life of wage earners, and the prime factor in family life is the protection and development of children. Child welfare, in fact, has been called the ‘Spearhead of Social Security.'”Continue Reading »

Christ Child Society

Written by Michael Barga. “The Christ Child Society was founded in Mary Virginia Merrick’s home at the end of the 19th century as a small relief organization which sewed clothes for local underprivileged children.”Continue Reading »

Children’s Bureau: Part II

Written by: Dorothy E. Bradbury, Assistant Director, Division of Reports Children’s Bureau. “In getting underway–and in carrying out the three children’s pro-grams for which it was given responsibility under the Social Security Act–the Bureau in characteristic fashion turned to advisory groups for advice and guidance. Advisory groups were immediately set up for each of the programs. For the most part, these were professional people concerned with the technical aspects of the program.”Continue Reading »

Children’s Bureau: Part I

Written by Dorothy E. Bradbury, Assistant Director, Division of Reports Children’s Bureau. “Thisis the story of the Children’s Bureau of the U. S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare from the idea in 1903 to its founding in 1912 and on through the years to the present time.”Continue Reading »

Florence Crittenton Mission

In addition to the history of the Crittenton Movement, this entry includes a history of the “Mother House” the first facility of the Florence Crittenton Mission, a poem entitled: “The Soliloquy of a Florence Crittenton Girl” and the Florence Crittenton Homes Association (FCHA) that was established in 1950. Continue Reading »

Child Abuse & Neglect

Child abuse and neglect as defined in federal lawContinue Reading »

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