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East Side House, New York City

East Side House, founded in 1891, has served the Mott Haven section of the Bronx since 1963Continue Reading »

Hamilton Madison House

Madison House was founded by two young German Jews in 1898 to fight some of the serious problems of the day. Hamilton House was established in 1902 to help the new Italian immigrants who were suffering from TuberculosisContinue Reading »

Settlement Houses: How It All Began

The following is based on research by Albert J. Kennedy, summarizing the specific ways in which settlements enriched or improved neighborhood life during the first sixty years.Continue Reading »

Settlement Houses: The View Of The Catholic Church

Neighborhood and Community: The View Of The Church by Rev. William F. O’Ryan, St. Leo’s Church, Denver, Colorado–a presentation at the 52nd Meeting of the National Conference on Social Welfare, Denver, Colorado, June 10-17, 1925Continue Reading »

Lenox Hill Neighborhood House

Lenox Hill Neighborhood House was founded in 1894 by the Alumnae Association of Normal College (now known as Hunter College of the City University of New York) as a free kindergarten for the children of indigent immigrants. Since then, we have remained at the forefront of community advocacy and social and educational change.Continue Reading »

Lawrence House Booklet

Lawrence House: A 1905 Booklet Depicting Activities of a Settlement House in Baltimore, MD.Continue Reading »

Baltimore Settlements: Lawrence House and Warner House

These entries about Lawrence House and Warner House are taken from the “Handbook of Settlements,” a national survey of settlements published in 1911 by The Russell Sage Foundation of New York. This collection of detailed information about settlements throughout the nation and operating circa 1910 was collected, organized and written by two settlement pioneers: Robert Archey Woods and Albert J. Kennedy.Continue Reading »

Hull House – circ. 1910

“Hull-House endeavors to make social intercourse express the growing sense of the economic unity of society and may be described as an effort to add the social function to democracy.”Continue Reading »

University Settlement – 1911

This description of the University Settlement in 1910-1911 is from the Handbook of Settlements and was written by two settlement house pioneers: Robert Archey Woods and Albert J. Kennedy. The book included the findings of a national survey of all the known settlements in existence in 1910.Continue Reading »

Greenwich House, New York City

“A settlement aims to get things done for a given neighborhood. It proposes to be the guardian of that neighborhood’s interests, and through identification of the interests of the settlement group with local interests, it forms a steadying and permanent element in a community which is more or less wavering and influx.”Continue Reading »

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