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Dean Beth Angell portrait [View Image]

Beth Angell, Ph.D.

Dean and professor


(804) 828-1036

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J. Denise Burnette portrait [View Image]

J. Denise Burnette, Ph.D.

Samuel S. Wurtzel Endowed Faculty Chair in Social Work and professor


(804) 828-2859

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Sarah Burton-Everette portrait [View Image]

Sarah Burton-Everette

Director of advising and retention


(804) 828-1043

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Cameron D. Carter portrait [View Image]

Cameron D. Carter

Assistant director of field education and associate professor in teaching


(804) 828-2835

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Stevara Haley Clark portrait [View Image]

Stevara Haley Clark, Ed.D.

Director of online education and assistant professor in teaching


(804) 828-0732

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Kimberly Compton portrait [View Image]

Kimberly S. Compton, Ph.D., M.S.W.

M.S.W. Program assistant director and instructor


(804) 828-0688

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Portrait of Gary Cuddeback, in green sweater with blue shirt [View Image]

Gary S. Cuddeback, Ph.D., M.S.W., M.P.H.

Associate dean for research and professor


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Portrait of Rebecca Gomez [View Image]

Rebecca Gomez, Ph.D., LCSW

Associate dean for academic and student affairs and associate professor


(804) 828-4982

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Casey Jensen portrait [View Image]

Casey Jensen

Administrator of student recruitment initiatives


(804) 828-3612

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Nicole L. Lee portrait [View Image]

Nicole L. Lee, Ph.D.

M.S.W. Program director and associate professor in teaching


(804) 828-6882

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Geoff LoCicero portrait [View Image]

Geoff LoCicero

Director of communications


(804) 828-9335

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Ananda Newmark portrait [View Image]

Ananda Newmark, Ph.D.

B.S.W. program director and associate professor in teaching


(804) 828-0456

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Portrait of Stephanie Odera [View Image]

Stephanie G. Odera, Ed.D.

Director of field education and associate professor in teaching


(804) 828 -0708

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Susan L. O'Shea portrait [View Image]

Susan L. O'Shea, CPA, M.Ed.

Assistant dean of finance and administration


(804) 828-0402

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Jaime Petrasek portrait [View Image]

Jaime Petrasek

Director of research administration


(804) 827-3631

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Sarah K. Price portrait [View Image]

Sarah K. Price, Ph.D.

Associate dean for faculty development and professor


(804) 828-0579

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Allison K. Ryals portrait [View Image]

Allison K. Ryals, LCSW

B.S.W. Program assistant director and associate professor in teaching


(804) 828-5370

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