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Stevara Haley Clark portrait [View Image]

Stevara Haley Clark, Ed.D.

Director of online education and assistant professor in teaching

Email: clarksh3@vcu.edu

Phone: (804) 828-0732

Ed.D., Virginia Commonwealth University
M.S.W., Virginia Commonwealth University
B.S.W., Virginia Commonwealth University

Stevara Haley Clark, assistant professor in teaching, serves as the director of online education. She was previously M.S.W. Program assistant director (online). Within that role, Stevara enjoyed  collaborating with faculty to learn and apply the best pedagogical approaches to managing an innovative online curriculum. Implementing technology to enhance relationship building and engage students in the implicit curriculum is a passion of Stevara’s. She brings clinical and macro practice, curriculum development, program analysis and evaluation, and teaching experience with a personal emphasis on and dedication to working with first-generation college students and at-risk youth.

In keeping with social work values and ethics, Stevara is committed to lifelong learning and professional development to maintain competence in an ever-evolving field.

Stevara’s areas of interest include: developing programming to engage non-traditional and at-risk students in implicit curricula; using technology effectively to build relationships, contributing to the understanding of student success for first-generation minority college students, and women's leadership.

Notable awards, honors and appointments

  • 2020 Faculty Recipient of the Presidential Awards for Community Multicultural Enrichment (PACME)
  • Member, Kappa Delta Pi Mu Lambda Chapter (2018)
  • Member, National Association of Black Social Workers
  • Member, Fulbright Review Panel, National Scholarship Office (Aug. 2014 –present)
  • Inductee, Phi Alpha Honor Society Nu Rho Chapter (2010)

Teaching areas and interests

  • Social Justice
  • Technology Applications and Social Work Practice
  • Online Learning and Teaching Pedagogy
  • First-Generation Minority Student Success
  • Women’s Leadership in Higher Education
  • Field Education


Selected Presentations

Clark, S.H., Harrington, J.D. & Mahone, R.L. (2020, March). 2020 vision for increasing Black women leaders in higher education. Workshop presented at the 2020 William and Mary and Virginia Commonwealth University Research Symposium, Educational Collaboration in the New Decade: Williamsburg, VA. *Conference postponed due to COVID-19.

Clark, S.H.
, Harrington, J.D. & Mahone, R.L. (2020, February). Leading as a Black woman: Considerations for leadership diversity in higher education. Research Roundtable presented at the Graduate Student Research Roundtable at the William & Mary Higher Education Convening and 50th Anniversary: Williamsburg, VA.

Johnson, S.C., Fraser, D.V. & Miller, J. (2019, October). From needs assessment to implementation: Developing an integrative field seminar. Workshop presented to Social Worker and Social Work Educators at the 65th Annual Program Meeting hosted by the Council on Social Work Education: Denver, CO.

Baskind, F.R., Gupta, L.A., & Johnson, S.C. (2019, October). Migrating face-to-face competency-based courses to an online format: Experiences working with an online program manager's design team. Workshop presented at Online Learning Consortium Accelerate Conference: Orlando, FL.

Johnson, S.C. & Yearwood, C.C. (2019, April). Racial identity and social justice: How instructors personal awareness impacts learning. Workshop presented to Distance Educators at the 5th Annual Social Work Distance Education Conference: San Antonio, TX.  

Remmers, C.E, Johnson, S.C. & Carpenter, J.A. (2019, April). Effectively trained field liaisons: The key to an enriching field education program. Workshop presented to Distance Educators at the 5th Annual Social Work Distance Education Conference: San Antonio, TX. 

Clark, S. H., Gupta, L.A., Secret, M. & Baskind, F.R. (2019). Achieving field education competence through an integrative syllabus: Bringing the field to class. Field Educator, 9(1). 

Clark, S. H. & Remmers, C. E. (2019). Comprehensive training for field liaisons: A necessity for evaluating student performance. Field Educator, 9(1). 

Johnson, S.C., Secret, M.C., Gupta, L.A. and Baskind, F.R. (2018, November). Integrating the Field and Classroom in Distance Education: Bringing the Syllabus Alive. Workshop presented to Social Worker and Social Work Educators at the 64th Annual Program Meeting hosted by the Council on Social Work Education: Orlando, FL.

Johnson, S.C., Votapek, J., and Brandt, M. (2018, April). Dual Roles and Conflicts: Violation of Code of Ethics?. Workshop presented to Distance Educators at the 4th Annual Social Work Distance Education Conference: San Antonio, TX.

Johnson, S.C., Burton-Everette, S., Pittman, C.E. and Severo, K. M. (2016, March). A Holistic Advising Model: Fostering Student Success through Recruitment, Retention, and Release. Workshop presented to Academic Advisors at the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Region 2 Conference: Hyattsville, MD.

Virginia Commonwealth University
School of Social Work
Academic Learning Commons
1000 Floyd Avenue, Third Floor
Box 842027
Richmond, Virginia 23284-2027

Phone: (804) 828-1030
Fax: (804) 828-0716
Email: sswinfo@vcu.edu
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