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“Social work covers such a broad spectrum. The variety is truly staggering. So much of what we do has to be seen. Through their field experiences, I see students every day becoming more comfortable with themselves as practitioners, more confident in their skills, and I see their eyes open to all of these avenues for them to explore.”

– Joe Craig, field instructor and program coordinator, The Mill House, Community Brain Injury Services

We’re always looking for new partners

Community agencies, please consider signing up to provide field placement opportunities for our talented and motivated students.

Already signed up? Head to our VCU field placement login or go to our field resource site.

Committing to the experience

For nearly a century, the School of Social Work has built our identity around the strong community ties that shaped our earliest years. Our centralized field education office helps to keep those bonds strong by reaching out to new organizations, training field instructors and facilitating educational opportunities at home and abroad, making it a model for social work field education in the 21st century.

With more than 500 community partners throughout Richmond, the state and beyond, we expose our students to a wide range of social work perspectives, environments and communities that can sharpen their skills as practitioners and help them find the right fit for those skills. Our partners include:

  • The Daily Planet Inc., a private non-profit with a mission is to provide integrated quality health services to those at risk of or experiencing homelessness. Services include Safe Haven, a residential program placing 20 seriously mentally ill homeless individuals in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Hunter Holmes McGuire Veteran Affairs Medical Center, which serves more than 200,000 veterans coming from 52 cities and counties. Service areas include substance abuse, geriatric, extended care, mental health, suicide prevention and homelessness.
  • Side by Side, which provides support, education, advocacy and opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth ages 11 to 20. The program provides weekly support groups, a 24/7 youth support hotline, youth leadership training and community outreach and education.
  • United Methodist Family Services, which serves emotionally and behaviorally challenged children. The agency offers a network of innovative services including 24-hour intensive treatment, treatment foster care, adoption, in-home family services, school based services and a variety of support services for at-risk children and their families.
  • Commonwealth Catholic Charities, an organization with programs including therapeutic foster care, home care, mental health counseling, domestic violence services, homeless services, refugee assistance, and emergency services.

Whether they serve with state agencies, assisted-living facilities, community housing organizations or social advocacy groups, our students don’t simply observe social workers in action. They put their passion to use, try the techniques they learn in the classroom in a real-life setting and experience the everyday demands and rewards of social work.

Through this blend of classroom and hands-on experience, our students develop a deep commitment to the profession’s ethical underpinning, which recognizes each individual’s implicit worth and dignity. They also develop the skills needed to understand and evaluate their professional experiences.

No two days in this profession are the same, and yet each experience informs how social workers approach the next. By taking the time to reflect upon these encounters, and by developing the tools for meaningful self-reflection, our students commit not only to best practices, but to the ongoing development of themselves as professionals.

Join our efforts

The field of social work opens opportunities for students, faculty and agencies to get involved in their local communities. New agencies interested in offering placements for field instruction should register through this form.

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