VCU Sociology Value Statement for Fall 2020 Coursework

Given the circumstances of COVID-19 and VCU’s return to campus plan, the VCU Sociology department is more committed than ever toward ensuring student safety, support, and success. Toward these commitments, the department and its instructors will be guided by several values designed to prioritize student safety and learning.

  1. Equity and Inclusion - VCU Sociology recognizes that the multitude of effects felt by COVID-19 are manifest in diverse and disproportionate ways. Understanding that each of our students is experiencing the crisis from a different living situation, social location, and position of access to resources, we would like to reaffirm our commitment to student equity and inclusion. Please remember that we will try our best to accommodate your circumstances and needs, and that you can always reach us at
  2. Safety - VCU Sociology will reaffirm CDC guidelines and considerations, highlighting that the lowest risk for COVID-19 spread in institutions of higher education (IHE) is achieved when “faculty and students engage in virtual-only learning options, activities, and events.” Advocating for the lowest possible risk, VCU Sociology will ensure that 100 percent of its Fall 2020 courses can be completed via remote/online engagement. As a general rule, work that can be done remotely should be done remotely!
  3. Support - VCU Sociology faculty and staff are approaching the Fall 2020 with a mind to be as flexible with students as possible. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your instructor(s) about your needs and concerns. You can also reach out to the VCU departmental email at for any help or clarification.
  4. Success - Building on safety and support, we want Fall 2020 to be a productive and rewarding semester for you despite the circumstances. Sociology course instructors will take into consideration the climate and conditions of the university and community at large when designing their grading and evaluation schemes for the semester. Please be sure to consult with your instructor(s) on any concerns or issues after reviewing their course syllabi.

We hope that this expression of our Fall 2020 guiding values finds you safe and well. As the department works to provide you with a safe and supportive learning environment for the Fall, you will need to take into account your own comfort-level, abilities, and preferences. Ultimately, those conditions will decide what the Fall 2020 semester will look like for you. To help you on this journey, please find an explanation of the course modes offered for the Fall, below.


VCU Sociology Department


VCU Sociology Fall 2020 Course Offerings

The university has created a number of new ‘course modalities’ in order to help students navigate the diversity instructional approaches offered for courses this Fall. Students can find descriptions of these new modes at

Please pay extra attention to special course requirements noted under the new Banner 9 student course listings. Some courses may require specific technical requirements. Generally, all students are expected to have reliable internet access. Students in need of computer hardware and stable internet for the Fall 2020 semester can find resources HERE and HERE. Faculty will be sending the final syllabi to all registered students by August 10, 2020.

  • Blended-flexible synchronous -
  • Hybrid-flexible synchronous -
  • Online-asynchronous -
  • Online-synchronous -
    • SOCY.101.006 - Introduction To Sociology - Zachary G Goodell
    • SOCY.101.110 - Introduction To Sociology - Zachary G Goodell
    • SOCY.202.002 - Foundations Of Theory - Christine E Mowery
    • SOCY.302.901 - Contemp Social Prob Ue - Karen Rosenblum
    • SOCY.303.001 - Sociology Of Deviance - Zachary G Goodell
    • SOCY.304.901 - Sociology Of Families - Christine E Mowery
    • SOCY.310.001 - Social Movements & Conflict - Travis L Williams
    • SOCY.320.001 - Research Methods In Social Sci - Mark L Plume
    • SOCY.320.002 - Research Methods In Social Sci - Tara M Stamm
    • SOCY.322.001 - Sociology Of Race & Ethnicity - Travis L Williams
    • SOCY.330.901 - Global Societies: Trend/Issue - Ewell D Mthethwa
    • SOCY.331.001 - Juvenile Delinquency - Zachary G Goodell
    • SOCY.340.002 - Self And Society - Zachary G Goodell
    • SOCY.344.001 - Medical Sociology - Susan Marie Bodnar-Deren
    • SOCY.391.002 - Top: Sociology Of Culture - Meredith Ann Katz
    • SOCY.402.001 - Contemporary Theory - Tara M Stamm
    • SOCY.402.002 - Contemporary Theory - Tara M Stamm
    • SOCY.406.001 - Sociology Senior Seminar - Gina M Longo
    • SOCY.410.001 - Aging And The Life Course - Susan Marie Bodnar-Deren
    • SOCY.502.901 - Contemporary Sociological Theory - Meredith Ann Katz
    • SOCY.502.C01 - Contemporary Sociological Theory (DigiSocy) - Tara M Stamm
    • SOCY.601.C01 - Sociological Research Methods (DigiSocy) - Brian Knop
    • SOCY.699.901 - Sem In Sociological Practice - Jennifer A Johnson
    • SOCY.699.902 - Sem In Sociological Practice - Jennifer A Johnson
    • SOCY.699.903 - Sem In Sociological Practice - Jennifer A Johnson
    • SOCY.699.C01 - Sem In Sociological Practice - Jennifer A Johnson

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