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The planned events and programs of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee are aligned with the structure of the committee's 2020-2021 Plan of Action. By following the plan's structure of curriculum, dialogue and resources, the committee aims to drive tangible transformation for the School of Education throughout the academic year.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Event Evaluation Form

Access the DE&I Event Evaluation Google Form at the link below.


Faculty Workshop: Decolonize Your Syllabi Series
This series will actively engage faculty, instructors and doctoral students in the process of syllabi decolonization; questioning whose voices are represented, identifying power structures, and de-centering Whiteness.


Intergroup Dialogue Training/Certification for Anti-Racist Action
This two-part initiative will include a discussion of how Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) can be a tool for anti-racist action and to provide an intensive facilitation training for a select group of SOE community members to become certified leaders with this dialogue method. Dr. B. Ratnesh Nagda, associate professor in the School of Social Work and director of the Intergroup Dialogue, Education and Action Center at the University of Washington, will serve as the lead facilitator for this initiative.

Half-day Virtual Training
Attendees will develop practical skills of what IGD is and its impact on educational conversations; provide strategies that can be immediately applied to manage and engage with uncomfortable conversations in the classroom and other environments; provide opportunities to practice vulnerable self-reflection in small group discussion; and discuss visioning for how IGD can fit into decolonizing practices and classroom spaces within the school.

Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation Development Institute
This institute seeks to increase the capacity of diverse constituents to create and hold spaces for transformative conversations across differences and about differences related to issues of social identities, social inequalities, and social change.

Town Hall Discussions
The DEI Committee will host informal town hall discussions around timely events structured around issues of equity and inclusion throughout the academic year.

Making Meaning Meeting: Embracing Discomfort
This meeting will provide a space where we can practice the dialogue gleaned from this past semester. Attendees will break into informal small groups to respond to vignettes related to a variety of topics: white silence, not responding out of discomfort, using words and terminology that is not discriminatory, first generation student needs, and responding to microaggressions.

Igniting Progress: Reimagining Equity in the Time of COVID-19
Five local/regional educational leaders will each give a five-minute “TED Talk” presentation about their personal stories related to race and culture in education. Participants will engage in reflective dialogue to discuss how this critical topic impacts their antiracist work in education.


Racial Justice in Education and Society Virtual Conference
Learn more.

UndocuAlly K-12 Workshop
This K-12 workshop for pre- and in-service school professionals will look at how to support and advocate for undocumented students and their families.

Community Engagement Event
This collaborative community event with internal VCU partners, community organizations, and local schools will center around a prominent researcher, connecting with existing events to build momentum and expand the visibility of the School of Education in the surrounding community. Topics may include the intersectional identities of students: disability, race and justice.

New Student Welcome Event
This annual spring event celebrates and welcomes graduate and undergraduate students to the SOE community who identify as underrepresented minorities.

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