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Karrie Bell: Flexible program fits her schedule

JMU grad now in SOE's M.Ed. in Educational Leadership program

The VCU School of Education's graduate programs are made up of hundreds of students from different universities and a wide variety undergraduate programs, and they all find a place to thrive here at SOE. No matter what your particular area of study is, from art to engineering, you’ll benefit from what SOE has to offer. Read how Karrie Bell managed a smooth transition from her undergraduate experience at James Madison University to her M.Ed. in Educational Leadership program here at the School of Education.Casual picture of Karrie Bell, graduate student in VCU SOE. [View Image] [View Image]Karrie Bell

Our Environment Matches Your Real-World Experience

Through her experience as a student and her position in the VCU Admission Office, Bell observed how education affects young adults on their path of self-discovery.

“I am grateful that my JMU undergraduate program and my SOE graduate program were so similar,” Bell said. “They both allow students the opportunity to work and learn in an environment that will mirror their actual career environment.”

A Versatile Program that Fits Your Schedule

Bell was fortunate to receive a tuition waiver through her job to pursue her master’s degree, but she says it was the “amazing VCU SOE faculty and staff“ who inspired her to pursue her degree at VCU. That, plus the flexible nature of SOE’s Educational Leadership program.

“Since I work full time, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., it can be a challenge to pursue an advanced degree,” she said. However, Bell found that SOE offers a variety of classes online and in person so that she could find the perfect combination to fit her schedule.

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