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Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research


Durfee leads students in providing pocket change to help low-income families in a rural Virginia community

November 11, 2019

Angelique James, a sophomore majoring in mass communications in the Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture, donates pocket change to a fundraising effort led by her statistics professor, Rebecca Durfee [View Image]

"I thought, I want to do something. I want to send some money out to Quicksburg and help these teachers provide these families with food and necessities. And then I realized I have 250 students."

How computer network models could help us better understand our sense of smell

September 12, 2019

a chef smelling an herb [View Image]

A team of researchers from the University of Arkansas, Virginia Commonwealth University and Southern Methodist University has received a $922,531 grant from the National Science Foundation to gain a better understanding of our sense of smell.

VCU students’ internship will help VDOT better predict oversight costs of local projects

August 27, 2019

Jessica Cooper, Dani Jabado and Katherine Werner [View Image]

The students — Jessica Cooper, Katrina Gauntt, Dani Jabado and Katherine Werner — are interning with the Virginia Department of Transportation’s Local Assistance Division to build a predictive modeling tool for oversight costs of locally administered projects.

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