TCI Training and Registration

Available Upon Request:
Virginia Commonwealth University proudly offers customized TCI trainings for organizations and / or clinician groups interested in integrating the TCI modules or treatment protocol into their practice. Customized trainings are available internationally. Training structures include:

* For Brain Injury Clinicians:
Option of two (2) or three (3) day training packages:
-Each option includes an intensive day-long seminar preparing participants to implement the TCI and provides a TCI manual and kit to each attendee. Additionally, both the two and three day options can be customized to integrate a variety of topics designed to meet audience needs (divorce, co-morbidity – survivor / spouse, population-specific practices, etc.). Continuing education units are provided for LCPs, and certificates of attendance are distributed to all attendees.

  • The two (2) day training provides an interactive pre-training day focused on couples and brain injury, followed by a second day TCI Intensive Training Seminar.
  • The three (3) day training option follows the two-day format with an additional day of Advanced Practice Workshop. This interactive workshop includes additional relationship-specific brain injury topics and therapeutic tools, a one and a half hour TBI Ethical Practice Seminar, and a foundation for successfully managing implementation challenges, among others.

* For General Practitioners:

Option of two (2) or three (3) day training packages:
-Continuing education units for LCPs, and certificates of attendance are distributed to all attendees.

The two (2) day training options:
-Both two (2) day options provide an initial day focused on developing practitioner knowledge specific to foundational tenets of brain injury, along with the implications for couples and families. Additionally, the initial day includes an overview of the theoretical foundations most effective for working with patients recovering from brain injury as well as their spouses, including an audience introduction to the C-B intervention structure.

* TCI Training for General Practitioners:
Day two prepares clinicians to implement the Resilience and Adjustment Intervention and provides all participants with a RAI manual and kit.

* General TBI Practice Training: Relational Focus:
Day two is designed to improve general practitioner knowledge on working with patients who have sustained brain injury, using a relational approach to treatment. This option does not include specific training in TCI implementation, but does provide participants with TCI treatment manuals and kits (which are also available in our store). Topics covered include TBI identification and screening, individual and relational approaches to care following neurological impairment, co-morbidity with other mental health populations, and specific strategies for developing a practice prepared to serve patients with TBI and their significant other.

The three (3) day training option follows either of the two-day formats (per organization choice), but also includes a third day interactive Advanced Practice Workshop preparing clinicians with additional tools and techniques for integrating relationally-focused TBI services into existing practice. The three-day option can be further customized to meet specific organizational practice needs.

* For Para-Professionals / non-licensed TBI professionals:

Two (2) day training package available.

The first day of training provides a foundation of theory and strategy in working to build optimal alliances with brain injury survivors and their spouses. Day two focuses on training in the TCI modules appropriate for implementation by non-licensed individuals (i.e. education and skills-based modules) and a half-day interactive practice workshop providing the opportunity for practice and supervision.

TCI Sample Training Agenda

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