Activities and student organizations

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Q: What are the physical distancing policies for fraternity and sorority life?

A: All VCU students are held accountable to the responsibilities outlined in the Return to Campus training. As part of the training, Students will sign attestation indicating training completion and personal compliance with safety protocols. Refusal to comply with rules can include progressive disciplinary action up to and including suspension, based on the VCU Student Code of Conduct. There are currently no policies/limitations specific to fraternity and sorority housing as there is no housing owned or provided by the university or any national organizations. University Student Commons and Activities is working on social distancing guidance for all student organizations and will be issuing those to the VCU community shortly. Specifically for fraternities and sororities, VCU is working to address social distancing procedures for community activities injunction with the fraternity and sorority student leaders and chapter advisors. We will be releasing those guidelines to the fraternity and sorority student leaders once we have an opportunity to receive input from the community.

Q: What programs and events will students have access to on campus?

A: Many offices on campus have been working to develop in-person, virtual and hybrid events that will allow students to engage safely. Weeks of Welcome programming at the start of the fall semester, for example, was a combination of online and in-person offerings. For a listing of events, many of which are virtual, visit the RamsConnect website. Within RecSports, we will have group exercise classes, outdoor adventure trips, sport clubs, and intramural sports. In each of these, physical distancing and other precautions are in place.

Q: Are students able to take part in clubs or organizations or are those canceled?

A: Students are able to participate in student organizations. Many student clubs and organizations are getting together virtually. For those that are not, we are working with them to ensure physical distancing and other public health measures are in place.

Q: I want to get together with friends. How many people can I have together?

A: Gathering in large groups during a public health crisis is not acceptable and VCU does not encourage or condone these activities. As a reminder, students hosting parties or other personal gatherings on or off-campus with more than 10 people are subject to interim suspension. All participants are subject to disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct.

Q: Why can VCU host events with more than 10 people?

A: There will be some university sponsored gatherings/events that are allowed to exceed the 10 person rule as indicated by the Public Health Response Team. These events will be held in university facilities where COVID-19 guidelines can be maintained and facilitated by university staff. Additionally, the Cary Street Gym and Larrick Student Center recreational facilities have also been approved to exceed this rule based on their plan submitted to the Public Health Response Team.

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