Teleworking and HR topics

VCU Human Resources has developed several resource pages with FAQs on various HR-related topics. We encourage you to visit the following pages.

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Q: Will staff be able to extend the use of their leave beyond Jan. 9?

A: Yes, University and Academic Professionals will be able to use their accrued leave through Jan. 9, 2022.

Q: What kind of mental health resources are available for employees during this time?

A: Behavioral health resources are posted on the VCU Human Resources website at (select the “Mental health resources” accordion).

Q: If I am diagnosed with COVID-19 and I must isolate, but I feel well enough to work prior to the end of my isolation requirement, may I do so from home?

A: Yes, you may work from home if you have notified your manager and they agree that you can complete work from home.

Q: When employees disagree with their supervisor’s assessment of whether they need to be on campus, what specific measures should a dean use to inform their decision, and what is senior administration’s guidance to them? Is there a directive outlining expectations of how dean-level leadership should respond to employee appeals?

A: The appeal process is outlined on the Responsible Together faculty and staff webpage. Employees should discuss their concerns about their projected return to campus with their managers, and if an employee’s manager indicates that an employee’s presence on campus is needed to successfully complete their job duties, the employee may appeal the manager’s decision to the respective Dean/VP with any additional information that may be relevant. The Dean/VP may consult with the HR Professional and the Office of Faculty Affairs or the Office of Employee Relations as needed.

Q: What are my options as a working parent at VCU?

A: In general, options currently available include:

  • FFCRA and personal leave for either initial positioning of your children for learning success (first couple of weeks of the school year), or daily support of your children’s learning
  • Schedule changes to days worked, including, as applicable, evening and weekend work
  • Schedule changes to hours worked, for example, working from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., and then from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Restructured jobs to support telework or weekend hours
  • Reorganized team operations and work schedules
  • Reduced schedule (i.e. reducing from 40 to 32 hours/week)

A full listing of existing options and what they look like when applied may be found on the HR return to campus page under “resources for working parents at VCU.”

Your HR professional is positioned to assist in these conversations, if needed. As a reminder, an FAQ list covering topics like virus exposure, quarantine information, and caring for someone with COVID-19 is found on the HR COVID-19 page.

Q: Can I bring my kids to work with me?

A: Our standard practice does not permit employees to bring their children to campus while the employee is working. Further, the VCU Return to Campus Plan  is designed to reduce physical density on campus and keep students and employees safe and we cannot therefore support requests which increase the number of people, including children, on campus.

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