Message from Residential Life and Housing to Students - July 24

Reminder: immediate action required prior to move-in

VCU Residential Life and Housing recently emailed instructions for how to receive your at-home COVID-19 test and mail it back for analysis. Thank you to those of you who have already taken this step. We are writing to you today to provide you an update on the delivery status as well as to remind those students who have not registered, to please begin the process. As a residential student, VCU requires you to complete training and a COVID-19 test (at no cost to you) prior to move-in.

  • If you have already registered and received your test kit: Follow the instructions in the kit to take the test and mail it back for analysis. Your test results should be posted in your Kallaco account within three days of your test being returned to the lab. Once VCU Residential Life and Housing receives your negative COVID-19 test result, move-in registration will be made available to you. If you need assistance with your test kit, email and be sure to include your eid and V-number.
  • If you registered but have not yet received your test kit: Test kits are delivered two to four days after you set up your Kallaco account. If you ordered your test kit and are no longer at the location you registered to receive your kit, please log into your Kallaco account to update your address and then email your eID and V-number to If you registered and the two to four days has passed and your test kit has not arrived, email your eID and V-number to Be sure to identify the issue in the email or subject line.
  • If you have not yet registered to receive your test kit: Details about how to access the training and register for your COVID-19 test were outlined in the email, including your VCU email address, and personal pin number which is required to set up your COVID-19 test kit account on the Kallaco website. Instructions are also available on the residential requirements to move-in website. As a reminder, move-in time slots will not be available to you until your training is complete and your COVID-19 test results are processed. It is important that you register for a test kit to begin the process as soon as possible.
  • If you are currently located at an overseas address: Our laboratory vendor is not permitted to mail test kits outside of the U.S. Students returning to campus from international locations are required to quarantine for 14 days prior to their return AND, prior to moving into on-campus housing, must test negative for COVID-19 at the end of their quarantine period. Please contact VCU Residential Life and Housing at for assistance with your quarantine and testing.

We thank you for your commitment and the patience you have demonstrated as we all do our part to support a safe return to campus. We look forward to supporting you in your academic goals and welcoming you to your 2020-2021 residential experience. For more information about housing and move-in, email All other questions, please email


Residential Life and Housing

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