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03/03/202110:00 amInteractive PresentationsTechnology ServicesOnline
03/04/202110:00 amBlackboard-to-Canvas Course ImportsTechnology ServicesOnline
03/04/20211:00 pmGetting to know Google FormsTechnology ServicesOnline
03/05/20211:00 pmTeaching Online for Large CoursesTechnology ServicesOnline
03/10/202110:00 amSeat Time OnlineTechnology ServicesOnline
03/11/20211:00 pmGoogle Drive - Collaboration in the CloudTechnology ServicesOnline
03/11/20212:00 pmCreating Interactive Video Opportunities That Provide Active LearningTechnology ServicesOnline
03/19/20219:00 amVCU Canvas Faculty Showcase 2021Technology ServicesOnline
03/23/20211:00 pmGetting to know Google SheetsTechnology ServicesOnline
03/24/20211:00 pmBest Practices in Online Teaching plus Canvas Tool HighlightsTechnology ServicesOnline
03/25/202110:00 amGetting to Know Meet/ChatTechnology ServicesOnline
03/25/20211:00 pmThe Basics: Creating Your First Course in CanvasTechnology ServicesOnline
04/07/20211:00 pmAccessibility/ADA in CanvasTechnology ServicesOnline
04/08/20211:00 pmGetting to know Google FormsTechnology ServicesOnline
04/09/202110:00 amTeaching & Learning: Maintaining YOUR Sanity & THEIRS OnlineTechnology ServicesOnline
04/13/20211:00 pmGetting to Know GmailTechnology ServicesOnline
04/15/202110:00 amLarge courses in CanvasTechnology ServicesOnline
04/20/20211:00 pmSocial PresenceTechnology ServicesOnline
04/21/20211:00 pmAssignments, Quizzes & Grading in CanvasTechnology ServicesOnline
04/22/202110:00 amGetting to Know Meet/ChatTechnology ServicesOnline
04/29/20211:00 pmInstalling & Using Third-party Tool Integrations in CanvasTechnology ServicesOnline
05/19/202110:00 amCanvas BE AWARES! Common mistakes in CanvasTechnology ServicesOnline
05/21/202110:00 amCanvas Enrollments, Sections & Cross-ListingTechnology ServicesOnline
05/25/20211:00 pmCanvas Gradebook - AdvancedTechnology ServicesOnline
06/15/20211:00 pmGetting to Know GmailTechnology ServicesOnline

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