VCCS/RBC transfer maps

If you’re enrolled in the Virginia Community College System or Richard Bland College, explore our transfer maps to make sure you select appropriate courses based on the major you plan on declaring at VCU.

We have partnered with community colleges to provide the same academic and career-planning guidance to prospective transfer students as we provide to incoming first year students at VCU. This guidance includes a four-year degree plan that outlines courses and requirements to be taken at the community college in the first two years as well as courses that remain to be taken at VCU for the final two years. By following the recommendations of the transfer maps, community college students will: prepare for the academic challenges at VCU; graduate on time, with minimal debt and loss of transfer credit; and plan for a future after graduation.

Transfer guides

We have also created Transfer Guides for community college students. These guides provide course recommendations for community college and Richard Bland College students. Please use these documents if you cannot locate a transfer map for your community college.