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CCOP Tutorial

Unread post by tranpl » November 19th, 2012, 10:10 am

What is CCOP?
A CCOP is a group of community hospitals and physicians funded by a peer-reviewed cooperative agreement to participate in NCI-sponsored cancer treatment, prevention, and control clinical trials.
A Minority-Based-CCOP (MB-CCOP) must meet the same criteria as a CCOP and also have 30% of their new cancer patients from minority populations.

Massey is an MB-CCOP that participates in treatment and cancer control clinical trials with a community-based focus.

To continue to qualify for the funding the CCOP provides, Massey must accrue a minimum of 50 treatment CCOP credits and 50 cancer control credits. Depending on the study, these credits can be awarded by accruing a patient to a trial (Treatment), participating in a correlative CC study (Cancer Control), or for completing follow up visits (Follow Up) for qualifying studies.
CCOP Credits can be found in Oncore under the PC Console.

CCOP Treatment Credits are awarded when a subject has their On Study date filled out. This is the same field that indicates they have accrued to a study.

CCOP Cancer Prevention and Control credits are often awarded on the completion of a correlative lab or QOL. This completion is indicated by adding an Y or N arm to a subject in Oncore.

Follow Up Credits are awarded when a protocol defined Follow Up visit occurs. This is tracked in OnCore in the Last Follow Up Date on the Follow Up Tab.
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