i2b2 Cohort Discovery

What is i2b2?

Researchers can use the i2b2 (Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside) system to discern whether patient populations meeting certain inclusion and/or exclusion criteria exist. The information contained in i2b2 is de-identified, so barriers to entry are lower and investigational queries may be executed prior to requesting identifiable information, should it be required. Introduction to the software is available through regularly scheduled i2b2 training or individual consults scheduled through the BIC Support Request form.

What is the source of i2b2?

The source of i2b2 is Health Facts data mart which consist of data from both Cerner Millennium and IDX (Billing) sources.

How can I get access to the i2b2 web application?

Visit our one stop web page for all BIC related requests. go.vcu.edu/bicrequest
Fill and submit the short form to request an i2b2 account.

A VCU i2b2 administrator must set up an account for each user.
Patrick Shi - shipy@vcu.edu

Once you have an account, go to:

How to get De-Identified and Identified Data once a cohort is found?

Once a user finds a cohort, one of the BIC analyst can identify the patients involved and extract data from multiple sources: Health Facts, Cerner Millennium and IDX.

In order for the investigator to have access to Identified Data, a copy of the IRB approval document must be presented to the BIC team.

For a list of Protected Health Information Under the Privacy Rule, visit:


i2b2 Training:

Download i2b2 User Guide and FAQ
i2b2 User Guide and FAQ

Test your Knowledge: i2b2 End User Training and Testing

The BIC team gives i2b2 courses. To see the schedule, visit:
All VCU i2b2 Training

Links and More Information

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